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renaissance dental

renaissance dental accelerated orthodontic technique reduces your potential for post your open bite in clear aligner renaissance dental cases that’s a there’s a different cause for .

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

That that really is an issue beyond what Mike Ross knew perforation had or accelerated orthodontic cases allow for so I would I would the short answer would be no propel is not used to prevent post your open mic because .

That the two are unrelated when you’re providing an accelerated orthodontic technique you’re looking to treat your case in a shorter amount of time achieving a posterior open bite is usually some sort of flaw in the technique so if the technique is not let’s say perfect you may run .

The risk of developing a post your open bite and you have to work on technique there versus working on whether it’s an accelerated type of case okay now let’s see if there’s another question that’s not repetitive okay how where and how long do you apply the topical well.

I usually take the topical on a cotton swab and paint it on the surfaces and give it about a minute any more than a minute is isn’t gonna add anything so the topical can go right in there for about a minute and then if the patients comfortable with.

A little pressure from the probe will begin and if they’re a little bit let’s say sensitive I would add my drop of car became okay now in a severe case can a liner wear be reduced from nine days as treatment progresses and severity is reduced yes I think .

I was answering that question along the lines of presenting this chart so when I put this chart together because it does give you the idea that I was describing as flexible and the the rate at which.