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Sand timer buy online I wonder he reached in my drawer take my  wallet and he’s running he’s running he just ran out the front door so are .

  • there any other mistakes you could be explained to my homes like is there any  any mistakes that you see with the payment .
  • Codes and the software programs or you know is that an issue no  basically what happens when you send a claim electronically these clearinghouses are so efficient these days if if you send that claim  electronically and there’s information that’s missing or incorrect it
  • Actually to return to you to correct it and it’s so specific now that actually tells you  exactly what it is why they sent it back to you it could be something as simple as missing birthday or incorrect ID number or incorrect address or something to that effect so you know as far as
  • Electronic it’s it’s much more efficient because you didn’t have that option before you know I mean when you think about it you have to wait to send it and then I would come back and then you would find out the reason why and they  wouldn’t even really be that specific why
sand timer
sand timer
  • They rejected the claim so it really is so much more efficient that way because you pretty much find out when you send your claims at the end of the day by the next day you’re gonna know if there’s any mistakes in any of those  claims that you’ve sent and you can correct them
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