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Have dentemax zero fluoridation zero water fluoridation and they have some of the best kids teeth on the planet because in they started a programĀ dentemax that starts with little kids that could walk out of this table.

The two and three year olds yeah and then it teaches them not only about tooth health but about oral health and about total body health so their rates of childhood diabetes and obesity are far decreased.

Dental helps
Dental helps

Their oral health and teeth health is much better and they don’t use any fluoride can we not do that here why has the O’Brien Institute of public health in the last eight years since we stopped water fluoridation in Calgary not come up

With a program like that instead they just set back and go safe and effective less fluoridate the water and save the world like that sort of Magic Bullet approach right and this magic bullet doesn’t work it’s a failed and yeah we’re in

The majority brushy with them yeah vast majority other yeah so we need to sort of take the blinders off I’m saying there’s better ways to take care of our kids but you get more cost-effective ways and it might cost a little bit to get

Those programs going but once they’re started the costs go down and down and the kids health gets better and better right because it’s not only about their teeth health then it’s all about overall exactly right .

Which is decreasing the pressure on our medical system which saves a huge money if we’re decreasing type diabetes and kids they’re not saving a lot of money exactly right right ok good so sign that petition it’s in the comments make sure you go and do that so anything else you want to make sure that .

We touch on just a couple of quick things medicine by plebiscite it’s not a good thing I should not be voting as to what medication you should take and you shouldn’t be voting as to what medication .

I should take so some counselors mention any names but they’re pushing for a pleb aside in of the next election medicine by close sight is not a good way to practice it so it should be decided no and we should kick it out and leave it out forever and ever okay and so people can help.

with that by doing what we’ve talked about anything else that they can do yeah like work with us come over and volunteer with us we’re gonna have to really get the word out in a grassroots kind of way with club of sites club of sites all online sign up for that but also probably the club of sites on paper and you have to do some more yes exactly but it takes.