4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using ppo dental insurance

Welcome to start  your dental practice these show for  existing and aspiring ppo dental insurance dentists to take  your dental practice to the highest possible level I’m your host Jonathan van Rijn CPA and avv founder of Dennis metrics calm in every episode we aim to demystify the how to start a dental practice problem by bringing on both sides dentist influencers and  consultants in the dental industry to pick their brain about how to get past the barriers involved from going from no practice to being a practice outter to own your own successful dental practice as technology continues to transform the  dental industry the world of insurance and credentialing has become increasingly complex so as a result dentists are spending more

More than valuable time trying to figure these things out if we’re being honest most is doing exactly excited about dealing with insurance and properly codifying  services which is why I’m so excited about today’s SYEP gasps Harold Hornbein Harold was the founder of Apex reimbursement specialist which helps put money back in the dentist’s pockets and  saves tons of time the process number plus years of dealing with insurance he’ll knows exactly what it takes to get Dennis the winning edge I think you’ll enjoy his refreshing the honest take on the world of insurance and negotiation so here’s

What you’ll learn today how do you get the most reimbursements back from insurance companies the mistakes most little practices make that can cost your practice tens of thousands of dollars the proper way to codify your services and layout so important how to put money back into your practice and have it work for you and the biggest lessons Harold has learned from dealing with in church for over years sold a whole lot more at the end of the episode  you’ll also hear how to get Harold’s five steps to negotiating PP s guide now please enjoy my interview with Harold groan bye hey guys sorry for the interruption really quick announcement for you and if you’re going to be a dental practice owner you know you’re at some point  going to have to get a dental practice loan whether it’s going to be to acquire a dental practice or it’s going to be to start a startup dental practice